Who is Yilida?
Strategic layout
We have been exploring the unknown, actively discovering another possi-
bility of the world.

Million lida was founded in 1994, after 20 years of persistent pursuit and change development, industry ecology has actively integrated into the global economy, into the fan & motor core parts and components manufacturing, new energy vehicles, lightweight materials, such as more than one green science and technology of manufacturing enterprises.
The Smart Air
The smart air, it means that we take “innovative thought” as the central driver of enterprise development, provides some solutions which are safer, more environmental friendly and more energy-efficient for global users, and pushes forward the development of green spaces.
TC Technology
China's first car charger production enterprises.

Its main products related to automobile charger,DC converter and so on.Those products are widely used in so many industries and fields.
Vehicle weight reduction
Sanjin technology is a member enterprise of yillida, which is specialized in aluminum alloy die casting, gravity casting, low pressure casting and mechanical processing. For the domesticfamous "nextev" production of variable speed gear housing and other components have been recognized by customers.
Product Display

The Smart Air

It means we take the“innovative thinking” as the core driving force of enterprise development, to bring safer, more environmentally friendly and more energy-efficient solutions for the global users, and promote the development of green spaces.

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